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UC Riverside Campus Tour

A group of students take viewers on a video tour of University of California, Riverside, located in sunny Southern California. Enjoy a quick overview of some of UC Riverside’s academic programs, student organizations, facilities, and campus life.
Anonymously Anonymous : UC Riverside is only a good choice if you have no other options. They’re making it sound too good. Riverside has no fresh air, it’s in the smog-belt of Southern California. Not to mention it’s miserably hot in Riverside CA, so going to class at UC Riverside during the summer will break your soul. UCR made me so miserable I had to transfer all the way to the other side of country. I couldn’t make friends at UCR, I didn’t like the crowding and the atmosphere. If you have respiratory health conditions, don’t move to Riverside! If you hate going to a class with like 30-100 students, don’t go to UCR. Overcrowding, miserable heat, smog, traffic, and lack of opportunities outside the campus are some of the only few problems that UCR has. Also, it’s incredibly difficult to make friends there.
MsJoJochoco : They’re always doing construction at the school I hate taking the long way whereever I go
Formschlag : UCR: The school that still charges full price when the campus is closed!
Kayla Feng : makes it seem better than it is.
just wait, when we get there, things are much different.
Nayeel Imtiaz : Shoot it’s time to commit to UCR
Nguyen Tony : I just got admitted into UCR!!
Chaeun Han : I thought they got rid of Graduation
Albert : Awesome!! Keep making videos! You should look into using SMZeus! It’s the fastest way to grow your channel!!
ellie h : this campus looks so cute and this vid was really well filmed :) i kinda wanna go here! my only criticism is the dance at 0:14 --idk what happened there haha

A Day in My Life at UCR (UC Riverside)

A typical day of my life as a UCR Student!

Hello everybody! My name is William Wang and I am currently a second-year student attending UCR. As of right now, I am involved in UCR’s Student Government and I am also a part of a social fraternity. I hope you all enjoy the video and feel free to ask me any questions in the comment section below.

Shout out to ASUCR for the drone footages!
Joakim Karud: https://www.youtube.com/user/JoakimKarud
DJ Quad: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2VZrdImbvB03VWApYtBRr3
Burbank: https://soundcloud.com/danielburbank
Black SkinHead(Kanye West)

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직접뛰는발품TV : nice!
Rebecca Choi : So my son has decided to attend UCR this fall. I haven't been able to successfully teaching him how to use a planner. He's really bad at time management. Do you think you can make a video on how to use a planner and execute it from a college student perspective?
Dan Gonzales : what software you use to edit these videos?
Stuff Summed Up : Whoa the lecture theatre is a literal theatre? Genius
Kelsie Donato : Aw nice video! I like the little motion details you added on haha. I live 15 mins from UCR and even got accepted there as a transfer, but passed it up for UCI (I wanted the experience of living outside the Inland Empire lol). You showed a different perspective of UCR though and I think that's cool that you're doing this especially to those who are deciding to apply there. Maybe in one of your videos you can talk about why you chose UCR. Keep it up with these videos! :)
Willy Limy :
Formschlag : Enjoy paying full price while you take classes at your parents kitchen table. Thanks UCR!!!
Todd Befield : UC Riverside alumnus from way back in the day when they only had five thousand students (West Lo represent). Crazy that it has grown five fold since I've been there...we used to work out hard in the "old school" gym before the student recreation center (and study hard)...as well as those movie theatres and so many other things...great people and US News Top 100 ranked programs at one of the fastest growing UC's still having that personal touch. Received a great education/college experience at UCR....Go Highlanders!!
Christian Ortiz : Okay, but UCR is actually really pretty!! The gym low-key looks like the one at UC Davis
TJ : Aye I saw u at the gym

UCR pros and cons + why I chose to attend ucr...my honest opinion | uc riverside

here's the tea on ucr is !!

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hey guys! thank you so much for watching this video and i really hope you guys enjoyed it! I recently graduated from UCR and thought I would share my honest thoughts and opinions with you guys. These are just a few pros and cons that I have about UCR. I'd also just like to add that these are my opinions and that others may have differing views.

Either way though, if you are considering attending UCR or if you committed for the fall, UCR is a great school and I honestly am so glad I chose to attend UCR. Please stay safe you guys, thanks soo much for watching and don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe if you enjoyed :)))

see y'all next week
love, lo


COLLEGE WEEK IN MY LIFE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTBElxZUEYY

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how old am i? 20
where do i go to school? uc riverside (ucr)
what do i use to edit? final cut pro x
what do i use to film? Canon g7x

**disclaimer i do not own any music in this video
Joakim Karud- Longing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQ8OkFijpew
Flamingosis- Football head https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hJKhiew2O0
'Pearlescent' - Matxete prod: https://soundcloud.com/nocopyrightlofi/no-copyright-chill-lofi-hiphop-purlecent-by-matxete-prod
Sorry, I like you- Burbank: https://www.youtube.com/watchv=oeLf0DX70Q0
The Feelings- STEESH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUFhME-rGtc
Music by Ryan Little - after the rain. - https://thmatc.co/?l=B582CCC5

Subscriber count (just for me)- 116 i luv yall :')
Goal- 500
BeeKindRewind : You know, my friend goes to UCLA and he says it's not competitive. Maybe it's because he rents an apartment with his friend. I mostly hear that people are stressed during exams. That's about it. Most horror stories come from Berkeley.
lisa guo : Thanks so much for sharing!Could you pls tell us how it is to have online courses, tests and research/lab experience? Thx
jesus ibarra : Thinking of going fall 2021 for transfer in psychology Any tips? Also is psychology impacted at UCR?
Kayanna Byrnes : I live about 25 minutes from Riverside and your description of the city is pretty accurate
Bill Miller : I went to UCR 40 years ago and got a great education. I discovered what I really wanted to do in my Senior year, Computer Science. I continued with my History degree and graduated with my B.A. in '83. I went back to school in '96 and earned my B.S. in Computer Science. Who knew that the Pandemic would be more applicable to my History degree from '83.
Erwin Lau : All UC are good schools
Tanya Taylor : I thought UCR was going Division 1-A for basketball? I am an alumni--grad year 2000. And if you think that area is dangerous you should try San Bernardino...I think not! CSUSB is awful! I attended that school for a teaching credential I was not allowed to finish because of a racist white woman. And come to find out she still works there and now is in the most fitting yet most ironic department Theater. She's a great actress to say the least! She was my P.E. teacher but was not in good shape or health, but she still in the kinesiology department. Anyway, UCR is WAY BETTER than CSUSB. And Riverside is less violent than San Bernardino. And for fun there is Castle Park Amusement Park. There is the movies and drive-in movie in Rubidoux. There is Ontario Mills Mall is not too far away. Galleria Mall at Tyler in Riverside. She mentioned the movie theater classes. I took a class at the movie theater it was nice. My weight was great because I had to walk everywhere. A lot has changed due to COVID I am sure, but there is plenty to do in the Inland Empire and if you feel like getting that L.A. vibe sit in traffic a few hours and go to the big city. But UCR hasn't changed much since I graduated 20 years ago. WOW can't believe it has been that long. I still should have gone to Grambling State College.
Jaymee Moyer : super, super helpful. my cousin graduated from ucr and now it is one of my top choices for transfering
GalacticFire : This was a great video. I am going to UCR this fall as a math major!
genesis n : not too much on topic but i was wondering what laptop you had while at ucr?




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